Does your Data Have a Positive Impact on Revenue?

In today’s environment, the promise of data is high, but the reality is abysmal. If data is the basis for your internal operations and customer relationships, it definitely plays a key role in decision making. Therefore, it makes business sense to exercise a high degree of care with your data. This means managing and protecting its integrity. Data doesn’t work for you unless you cultivate its value.

Data strategy can’t be stagnant; change management leads to success. With mergers, executive changes, new regulations, emerging competitors and random changes in the business environment a flexible approach tailored to your needs is the only way to go.

Emergere Consulting ensures long-term business success
for clients when it comes to data management by:

  • Exploring the current systems through an audit of how your business consumes and uses data
  • Mapping out an Enterprise Data Strategy that caters to the data needs and goals of the organization
  • Building and executing a Roadmap that achieves these strategic initiatives
  • Assuring long-term success by providing post-project support

Business Intelligence and Data Audit

An Enterprise Data Strategy Will Secure your Competitive Advantage.

To ensure success when it comes to business intelligence your organization’s data foundation needs to be strong. Emergere Consulting offers an extensive business intelligence and data audit that examines your business use case and recommends what actions are necessary to take to achieve your goals.

Standardize shared data across functional areas

Design a data governance program

Automate data management tasks

Address how to deal with duplicate and inconsistent data

Archive data logically

Ensure the security of your data

Find the data management tools that best suit your needs, including both traditional and big data toolsets

Focus on the right methodology that fits your business

Roadmap Planning

After we’ve taken a look at your existing systems and developed a strategy that encompasses your data needs and goals, we then create a roadmap to ensure all of the steps are taken into account so that success is imminent. Since 1998 Emergere Consulting has been helping businesses in many different industries reach their desired results in data management, so we know what priorities are to be focused on when it comes to building a comprehensive roadmap for enterprise data environments.

Case Study: Creating a BI Strategy for An Emergency Healthcare Company

User Acceptance and Data Management

User acceptance of applications can make or break your strategy. That’s why we created a post project support system that ensures users can get their concerns answered before they become large-scale problems that result in abandonment.

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