BI Audit: Data Systems and Data Analytics Review

Emergere’s BI data systems review and audit are beneficial for those that want to be aware of the issues of their bi (business intelligence) and data set up. In the business intelligence audit, consumers will get the knowledge and experience of Emergere’s exposure to diverse platforms and consumer situations. Because of this BI audit and Data Management, customers can be guaranteed that they are realizing the potential of their deployments, are subsequent recommendations, making sure effectiveness throughout all systems and staying away from possibly major failures.

What you should expect in the Data Systems Review and Business Intelligence Audit

Emergere bi (business intelligence) audit will come handy in order to complete a comprehensive run-through of the existing data management systems and business intelligence. Simultaneously, Emergere will certainly recommend customers on latest features/products and exactly how these types of solutions should accommodate their rapid, mid and long lasting deployment ideas. Our audit data analytics and goals are going to confirm the usage of best practices in the BI and data management environment and also to offer professionals and administration with an impartial evaluation of the BI and data storage facilities and its management. Throughout the analysis, results will be documented and our suggestions provided. It will likewise incorporate a recommended solution to boost current systems and tips about possibly upcoming future data opportunities.

Business Intelligence Audit Report

Customers will get a documented conclusion of suggestions including instant and long term next actions. A few of the aspects which can be audited by Emergere:

  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Project making
  • Server Review (RAM/Disk/OS/Page Files)
  • Accuracy of reporting and analysis
  • Report Instance Review
  • Security Model
  • Production
  • Change Management
  • Maintenance
  • BI Architecture (e.g. data sources and flows)
  • ETL
  • Lifecycle and Promotion Process Review
  • Backup Strategies Review
  • Administration and End User Training Review
  • Dashboard Strategy
  • Quality of data (Master Data Management)
  • Data models
The processes/areas will be evaluated based on the following requirements:
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Protection (Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity)
  • Responsiveness and Compliance

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